Menopause Rhapsody

Enjoy this hilarious, professional parody of Bohemian Rhapsody – sung especially for menopausal women. We need to laugh – because if we don’t, we will cry for a very long time.

A Hot Flash Doesn’t Mean Hot Stuff

I was delighted to receive this humorous poem in my inbox the other day – and the author has given me permission to share it. Enjoy – I sure did! She really gets it! Hot Flash, (Hot Stuff NOT) by Elizabeth Boquet Looking for a lover who needs no cover....
Preparing for Perimenopause – Start Now!

Preparing for Perimenopause – Start Now!

Our initial group of fifteen Menopause Goddesses were completely unprepared for the sh*tstorm of the Change. (You can read our whole story in Becoming A Menopause Goddess.) The Big M started for most of us in our 40’s (though it can start as early as the 30’s for some...